BK Products 
BK Industry is a collection of the most diverse manufacturers and distributors of industrial, computers, electronics and luxury products, operating in a broad range of markets. In recent years, BK Industry has significantly enhanced its strategic position by expanding into new markets while strengthening its position in its conventional markets.


Computer / Office equipment
Computer systems, Motherboards, USB products, monitors, printers, scanners, digital cameras, plotters, networking equipment, fax machines, copy machines, telephone systems and ...

Home Electronics
TV systems, Stereo systems, telephone systems, mobile phones and security systems.


Industrial Wire
High-and low-carbon, br
ight and galvanized wire manufactured to customer specifications.

Barbed Wire
Used for fencing farms, factory perimeters, military areas and borders.

Welded Wire Fabric
 Welded wire concrete reinforcing products.  Reinforcing for concrete pipe, building mesh and engineered structural mesh. 

Welding Electrode
Welding electrodes  used to Fuse two or more pieces of metal together by means of an electric current.

Bolts & Screws
Machine, Self- tapping and Hex screws for standard and specialized industrial applications.

Industrial machinery
Distribution of used and new industrial machinery. Design and manufacturing of machine parts.

Tire Bead Wire
Bronze plated steel wire that is used to reinforce the inside diameter of a tire and hold the tire to the wheel.

Welding Wire
Migwire, Stick Electrodes, Strip Flux Cored, Tubular Flux Cored.

Wire Fence&Hexagonal Wire net
Wire netting  used for building coops, cement wall plastering and insulation. Wire fences  used  for parks, stadiums, military areas and.

Hand-Knotted&Machine made Rugs/Carpet
Hand made and machine made Persian and oriental rugs & Carpet