Hand-Knotted & Machine made Rug / Carpet

With over 30 years of experience in exporting carpets all over the world. We offer unique hand made silk and wool carpets from 324 knots up to 1600 intricate knots per sq. inch. At our warehouses in Germany, Venezuela and Middle-East, we store thousands of carpets that you can choose from with a guarantee of quality and knots.

Our rugs reflect all the richness and elegance of Persian and Oriental rugs along with their charm. The vast array of designs like Keshan, Tabriz, Qum, Hamadan, Isfahan, Ardabel and many others, the texture of pure wool and silk and the traditional handicraft together create the exclusivity of our carpets.

We ensure that our selection of rugs and carpets brings with it the security and comfort of knowing that one has purchased the very best.

For more information please contact our sales team at: bksales@bkindustry.com or click on: [Mobren]