Shirgah Industrial Group
Shirgah Industrial group, is one of the leading manufacturers of wire products in the Middle East. The Company manufactures and markets concrete reinforcing products, wire mesh, industrial wire, barbed wire, wire screens, wire fences, wire nets, and Low & high carbon galvanized wire. Shirgah has the facilities, technical expertise and commitment to customer service to bring practical and economical solutions to its customers. Shirgah’s products are manufactured in standard styles or produced to unique customer specifications.

Type of Business:   Manufacturing
No. of Employees:  450
Facility:   40000 Sq meter 
Capacity: 30000 Tons / Year
Product Type:  
Concrete reinforcing products,    
Wire mesh, industrial wire,
Barbed wire, wire screens,
Wire fences, wire nets,
Low & high carbon galvanized wire.